How to start a blog and get noticed

Why do people start a blog?

Because they want to:

  • Promote a product or service by positioning themselves as an ‘expert’ in their chosen market.
  • Raise awareness of a social issue.
  • Share their hobby or passion.

Whatever your goal, blogging is a battle.  You are fighting against all the other online distractions that clamour for your readers’ attention.

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What is education copywriter?

Education copywriters work with many different organisations in the education and training sector: business training organisations, colleges, education recruitment agencies, nurseries, schools (state, private, international), tutoring agencies and universities.

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9 ways to write headlines that sell

Do you want to write headlines that sell?  Here are the secrets.

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Is storytelling the secret to copy that sells?

We all enjoy stories.  Stories fire our imaginations and stir our emotions.  Stories whisk us away from our daily lives into whole new worlds.  Stories entertain, and the best ones broaden our understanding of people and the world.

Because they are so powerful, stories are copywriting gold.  They have the power to influence, provoke responses and to sell.  But they can only perform this magic if they written with the following points in mind.

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20 ways to increase sales with direct mail letters

Are you thinking, ‘How can we get more sales?’, ‘How can we launch a new product?’ or ‘How can we remind old customers we exist?’  A direct mail letter can solve your problem.  Here’s how:

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What makes a good newsletter?

According to DMR Stats the average office worker receives 121 emails per day.  So how can your message shine through the dross?  What makes a good newsletter?

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How to brief your copywriter

Whether you need a business marketing copywriter to help you with a brochure, a website, an advertorial, a sales email or a pay-per-click advertisement, it doesn’t matter, you always begin with a brief. But do you now how to brief your copywriter? Get your project off to a flying start by providing clear instructions, ensuring a good quality first draft and saving lots of to-ing and fro-ing.

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